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How To Join

If you support the draft programme and aims of the MSF there is a form you can fill out below to join the movement. We ask that all our members contribute towards the running costs of the organisation by paying a small monthly subscription. Details of this will be sent to you after you submit your application.

Anyone who supports the MSF's draft policies can join. These are aimed at securing the mass democratic, ownership and control of economic, social, cultural and political life.

Organisations like trade unions and campaign groups are also welcome to affiliate and send a delegate to the MSF.

There is a monthly subscription based on what members/organisations can afford, with a minimum of 2.50. This helps pay for a full-time worker, running costs and the production of Socialist Future magazine, which every member is sent.

Please fill out this form to become a member:

First Name
Last Name
Organisation (if applicable)
Full address including postcode
E-mail address

Data Protection: The information you provide will be stored in a secure database and will only be used by the Movement for a Socialist Future. We do not give any other organisations details of our members and supporters.

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