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War is Peace - Blair's fictitious 'push for peace'

In the distorted and disturbed world of Bush and Blair, the truth is usually the mirror opposite of what they say. Put simply, they lie through their teeth to try and convince their populations that the invasion of Iraq is absolutely necessary to save humanity.

Colin Powell, the US Secretary of State, concocts photographic "evidence" that is supposed to prove that Iraq is moving chemical weapons around just before the UN arms inspectors arrive.

Even Hans Blix, the chief weapons inspector, had to tell Powell that his "evidence" was worthless. Then Blair's government produces a "dossier" that is allegedly based on high-level intelligence.

This turns out to be a cobbled together document, bringing together the work of a postgraduate student based on 12 year old documentation and an article in a defence magazine, complete with punctuation errors.

As a result of this and many other issues, few people believe anything that the Blair government says. Far from being the victims of a media conspiracy, ordinary people have seen through the fabrications and downright dishonesty of New Labour.

The latest attempt to fool the people is perhaps the most brazen. Blair is quoted as saying that he is making the "last push for peace", when the real intentions are exactly the reverse.

The only truth in all this is that the US and British governments are determined to invade Iraq, whatever Baghdad does. This has been the plan for some time, and the UN manoeuvres are a charade designed to fool the watching world.

The attack on Iraq is designed as a first step in a series of wars aimed at opening up markets and resources for global capitalism. To stop this madness means turning the power of people expressed in the February 15 marches against the Bush-Blair alliance and the corporations they speak for.

To help us cut through the propaganda fog and focus on the fact that our real enemy is actually at home, we are pleased to offer the following guide to phrases you may have read recently. For further help, you could read Lewis Caroll's 'Through the Looking Glass' or George Orwell's 1984.

Drive for peace = drive for war

War with Iraq = invasion of Iraq

War in Iraq = occupation of Iraq

Iraq's weapons of mass destruction = US nuclear/chemical weapons

The peace loving people of the world = those about to drop a massive amount of bombs on Iraq

International community = US and UK governments + global corporations

Moral war = predatory war with conquest the objective

Regime change = illegal overthrow of foreign government

Liberating Iraqi people = imposing Anglo-US rule

Bringing democracy to Iraq = putting US military governors in charge

Breach of UN resolutions = Something that only Iraq is guilty of

Compliance with UN resolutions = Applies to Iraq but definitely excludes Israel

War on terrorism = green light for US government to launch attacks anywhere

Old Europe = governments that don’t support Bush

New Europe = governments from Old Europe that support Bush

Protecting the world's oil supplies = seizing Iraq's oil fields

Smart weapons = weapons designed by clever people that kill civilians

Collateral damage = civilians killed by missiles/bombs

Axis of evil (Iraq, Iran, North Korea) = Bush, Blair, Berlusconi, Aznar

War is Peace, Freedom is Slavery, Ignorance is Strength (thank you George Orwell)

Movement for a Socialist Future
February 23, 2003