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Scotland Yes No

Scotland YES

Fracking Capitalism 2nd edition

Agreement of People website

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Anastasia Podpruzhnikova
Ukrainian transport workers appeal

Drivers are threatened by local authorities and police.

Appeal from Ukraine Free Trade Unions.

Stop the Russo-Ukraine war
Stop the Russo-Ukraine war

Statement by the Ukraine Solidarity Campaign (UK) calling for full solidarity with the Ukrainian labour movement, opposing those who would seek to divide workers to serve the vested interests of rival powers.

Eleanor Marx
Eleanor Marx’s revolutionary life and times

Eleanor Marx was a pioneer “new woman”. So much of what we take for granted today in terms of women’s rights and status was simply unimaginable in her day.

A ‘Yes’ vote in Scotland would be a blow to the British state

A disenchanted organiser has criticised the way the Radical Independence Campaign in Scotland has developed. Penny Cole in Glasgow takes up the issues raised.

Ilyenkov Dialectics of the Ideal
When Moscow viewed creative Marxism as heresy

A Soviet thinker's rediscovered work has a meaning for our times. Corinna Lotz reflects on a publishing landmark.

Elinor Ostrom
A toolkit for the future

Derek Wall’s critical appreciation of the life and work of Elinor Ostrom is timely
says Gerry Gold.

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