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Greece squeezed
Defend Greek people against the Troika’s coup d’état

The financial crisis sweeping impoverished Greece alongside the turmoil in global markets, is the outcome of the resistance by an elected anti-austerity government to a political coup plotted by a notorious Troika of undemocratic institutions.

The case for a citizens' convention on the constitution

Despite a police crackdown, on the pretext that an illegal rave was taking place, Runnymede eco-village went head with its Festival for Democracy on the weekend of the 800th anniversary of Magna Carta.

Paul Feldman, A World to Win's communications editor, presented the case for a citizens' convention on the constitution.



After the election

Why we must break through to a real democracy

The Tory election victory cannot disguise the continuing break-up of the political-state system of rule and will actually hasten it. Over 75% of the UK electorate is unrepresented in any meaningful way while Scotland’s anti-austerity aspirations are blocked.


Bev Trounce
Miners’ strike still inspires after 30 years

The 1984-5 miners’ strike continues to excite controversy and debate as well as new books. Hardly surprising this, as the strike was the last time when the Establishment’s grip on power was seriously challenged.

Global economic crisis video
The global economic crisis

In these 2 videos, Gerry Gold explains how a toxic mixture of deflation and an increasing build up of debt is driving the global capitalist economy to a new crisis. Part 2: How the economic crisis points to the possibilities of a transition beyond capitalism.

Magna CartaWanted: A Magna Carta for the 21st century

The attacks on the rule of law and access to justice – two key principles of the Magna Carta – by successive governments should lead us to rethink the existing relationship between the state and citizens and then to reimagine democracy.
By Paul Feldman.

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