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Frack Webinar

Fracking Capitalism 2nd edition

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Elinor Ostrom
A toolkit for the future

Derek Wall’s critical appreciation of the life and work of Elinor Ostrom is timely
says Gerry Gold.

July strike
Up to a million public sector workers joined one-day strike

Photo report by Paul Feldman and Peter Arkell.

When two opposite worlds collided

Peter Arkell reviews Wonderland, a new play about the miners’ strike.

Ilyenkov Dialectics of the Ideal
When Moscow viewed creative Marxism as heresy

A Soviet thinker's rediscovered work has a meaning for our times. Corinna Lotz reflects on a publishing landmark.

Capital for 21C
Piketty’s sauce hollandaise tastes of Utopia

A great deal of work went into Thomas Piketty’s Capital in the Twenty-First Century, but to what effect?

Jimmy's Hall
A revolt that inspires

Peter Arkell reviews Ken Loach’s new film, Jimmy’s Hall which pits ordinary people’s aspirations against the local landowners and priests.

Bardi Extracted
Extracting the planet to death

The Red Queen's race with Alice in Through the Looking-Glass is invoked to show how our rush for ever greater economic growth is leading us nowhere. Review by Susan Jappie.

The highs and lows of London life on the fringe

Lilian Pizzichini was researching her chequered family history in 2007 when she left her job in Soho, sold her flat and moved to the wild west of Southall. Review by Corinna Lotz.

Kryviy Rih demo in London
Demo outside Chelsea FC backs Ukrainian miners

Supporters of Ukrainian miners who are demanding a rise to compensate for a cut in real wages by 50%, protested outside Chelsea FC in London yesterday where employer EVRAZ was holding its AGM.

Peoples Inquiry

This People’s Inquiry offers a chance to share ideas and information about the related crises facing humanity. It is open to individuals, campaign groups, trade unions, academics and students. Working together, we can deepen our knowledge and work on solutions.

Climate change has passed a tipping point and extreme weather is just one of the results. The global economic and financial system has entered a renewed, deeper crisis. Anger at the way political systems are corrupted by corporations and lobbyists is at boiling point.

There is worldwide opposition and resistance, but as yet no shared strategy for getting beyond capitalism. Reaching the point where we achieve such a strategy is the main purpose of the inquiry.

We have suggested six areas for the inquiry together with some questions that will help focus our work:


How Putin has embraced Russia’s very own

Moscow’s determination to crush Ukrainian aspirations for democracy is fashioned by the weight of both Czarism and Stalinism, as well as a neo-nationalism. By Paul Feldman.

Revolutionary independence – now that's worth fighting for

AWTW contribution to the debate.

Contradictions within the Ideal...

Presented by AWTW at a recent international symposium in Helsinki, this paper explores the ideas of the Soviet anti-Stalinist philosopher Evald Ilyenkov... a powerful tool for understanding today’s crises.

Making Money
Magician rather than philosopher

Ole Bjerg uses some borrowed philosophical concepts to explore the nature of money. Review by Gerry Gold.


warmingPolitical censorship can't change facts about climate change

Penny Cole explains how governments water down and cut the presentation of IPCC report to hide their own inaction.

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