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December 10th 2005

Kenya: Let mass rallies for snap elections begin

Just like a dog which returns to its vomit, the emergent Dictator Mwai Emilio Kibaki of Kenya has re-appointed thieves, traitors, opportunists, murderers and tribal chieftains in a "New look Cabinet" that has met with strong and immediate condemnation country wide. After losing the November 21st Referendum, dissolving the Cabinet and keeping the country waiting for two weeks apparently to "consult" with former Dictator Daniel arap Moi, Imperialist representatives in Kenya, corrupt Mount Kenya Mafia cartel and other political rags, KESDEMO believes that Kenya does not have a President at Nairobi State House but a mental patient who should be examined urgently by independent Doctors.

Corrupt former Cabinet Ministers like Mirugi Kariuki, John Michuki, Prof George Saitoti, Kiraitu Murungi, Njenga Karume, Daudi Mwiraria, Moody Awori together with known economic criminals, perpetual political gangsters and pathological tax evaders who have been directly responsible for misleading the President and plunging the country into crisis have all been sworn in as "new" Cabinet Ministers.

In fact, the looming collapse of the Kibaki dictatorship has seen a total of 23 Cabinet Ministers and Assistant Ministers reject their positions including traitors and political prostitutes who supported Kibaki in the Referendum like Charity Ngilu, (former Minister of Health) and Musikari Kombo (Chairman of Ford Kenya). This is the first time in the history of Kenya that practicing opportunists have refused to "fly the flag" because of obvious and looming political consequences connected to the defeat of the government at the Referendum - loss of Parliamentary seats.

Before the Referendum, KESDEMO's perspective was clear - that the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) would win the Referendum, that ODM Cabinet Ministers would be sacked by Kibaki for their rebellion, that ODM would begin to convert itself into an opposition force and that on the basis of mass support, ODM would call for snap elections.

All the above perspectives have been confirmed and what remains now is the opening of public campaigns across Kenya for snap elections which will eventually lead to Kibaki's eventual overthrow. Most likely, Kibaki will respond initially by attacking public rallies using the security apparatus but this strategy will not work because police will not be able to stop over 30 million Kenyans determined to show an emerging dictator the door. You can beat an army but you cannot beat a people.

If Dictator Kibaki's ascendancy to the Presidency was purely accidental, the tragic road accident that confined the President on a wheel chair at the time he took power in 2002 might have seriously affected the President's mental health, vision and judgment thereby allowing Mount Kenya Mafia to take control of the running of the government with Kibaki acting as a sheer puppet whose every public address is choreographed.

Kibaki is a graduate of economics from Makerere University and when we talked to him face to face for more than four hours during a visit to Stockholm where his main agenda was to drum up support from Kenya opposition in Scandinavia, he did not look like someone who could suddenly and out of the blue create 27 districts without an economic base to support such a huge project. More so, Kibaki did not reason like a leader who could get so confused in times of crisis to the extent of consulting a defeated former dictator who should have been brought to face justice for political, economic and human rights crimes against the Kenyan people during a 24 year ruthless and bloody dictatorship.

Kibaki's questionable mental health status could explain why the President inexplicably refused to honour a Memorandum of Understanding he signed with the Liberal Democratic Party, why the President reneged on the enacting of a new Constitution which led to the referendum he lost, why he has been unable to sack corrupt Cabinet Ministers in the face of immense public outcry, why his wife Lucy has attempted several times to take control of State house without action, why the President uses expletives like pumbavu and Mavi ya kuku in his public speeches thinking this is correct, his disastrous performance and road side declarations during referendum campaigns and, worst of all, why the President has re-appointed a gang of known vampires back into the Cabinet after keeping the country waiting for two weeks. Is it an exaggeration to call for the examination of the President's mental health status?

His possible mental retardation aside, politically, President Mwai Kibaki has outlived his usefulness in Kenya's democratic struggle and since he will not quit voluntarily, he should be forced out of office "by any means necessary". For the youth and International readers who are not so conversant with Kenyan history, Kibaki has loyally served two Dictators, - Mzee Jomo Kenyatta and Daniel arap Moi, the latter of whom Kibaki served under as Vice President for 10 years. All the atrocities and human rights violations committed against Kenyans when Kibaki was serving as Vice President is beyond the scope of this statement.

Since he joined government, Kibaki has witnessed (without a single intervention) all major political assassinations of Kenyan patriots like Pio Gama Pinto, Tom Mboya, Kung'u Karumba (who was made to disappear by Kenyatta), JM Kariuki, Owiti Ongili and several Kenyan revolutionaries whose lives were taken away by the Moi dictatorship during the struggle for political pluralism Kibaki is enjoying today.

Under Kibaki's short misrule, Professor Odhiambo Mbai was assassinated by government agents to silence the most powerful voice that was supporting devolution of powers in the Bomas draft of a new constitution that Kibaki's men later tried to alter. To underline Kibaki's lethargy in dealing with political assassinations, the Presidents has refused to release a report about the assassination (by the Moi dictatorship) of Dr. Robert Ouko, former Minister of Foreign affairs and International Co-operation. After wasting millions of public funds in the "Sungu Commission of inquiry", Kibaki has sat on the report using flimsy reasons because he is protecting Moi and other murderers in the former regime like Nicholas Biwott.

Kibaki was one of the suspects in the plotting of former MP Owiti Ongili's murder allegedly to prevent Moi from appointing the late Ongili as Vice president when Moi was cleaning members of Kikuyu ethnic group from the government at the instigation of the Kalenjin Mafia that ruled Kenya through the back door at that time. Mr. Otieno Ambala, a suspect who was arrested in the Ongili murder case died after being poisoned at Kodiaga prison in Kisumu, a week after Ongili's assassination. Ambala's death was once again linked to Kibaki who was in charge of prisons and who allegedly eliminated Ambala to destroy evidence when Ambala began "to talk" in prison. The point is that President Kibaki is tainted.

Further, Kibaki is directly responsible for the thousands of Kenyans who lost their lives in prisons when Kibaki was in charge as Vice President and Minister of home Affairs. Needless to say, Kenyans and the world will never forget the Wagalla Massacre in 1984 when Kibaki was Vice President and in which more than 400 Kenyans lost their lives at the hands of the Kenyan State. To date, culprits in the Wagalla massacre have never been brought to face justice although Kibaki is well aware that this is a pending case.

After he came to power, KESDEMO would like to remind Kenyans that Kibaki has done nothing to bring to book culprits of the bloody ethnic cleansing rituals that were conducted by former President Daniel arap Moi and in which thousands of Kenyans were murdered, maimed or crippled and millions worth of property destroyed. During these massacres, half a million Kenyans became internal refugees. Instead of Kibaki addressing these atrocities, he is consulting with Moi, the same blood thirsty despot who should be facing a tribunal in Kenya today for crimes against humanity. Is it extreme to campaign for Kibaki's departure?

The 1998 bomb blast victims have not been given any attention by Kibaki's regime. This is despite frustrations by American imperialism that has refused to listen to key complaints of victims and relatives of survivors. We have a President whose "I don't care attitude" is causing more harm than good to Kenyan citizens who have been subjected to untold human suffering, a President whose time is over.

Although Kibaki was elected on a platform of fighting corruption, the President has failed to send to jail even a single thief - from Goldenberg to Anglo-leasing. The President has even failed to bring back to Kenya more than US$ 300 billion stashed in foreign bank accounts by KANU looters while Kenyans are starving to death because the government has no money. Instead, Kibaki has been appealing to "foreign donors" to come and feed the starving in Kenya.

When Kenyans are dying of Aids, malaria, TB, Kwashiako and other treatable diseases, and in a country that has never been to war with any country, clean drinking water, electricity, good roads, health care, education, decent houses for workers and other vital social services remains a distant dream to millions of Kenyans. The Kenyan government feeds people with rubbish and manure that tourism is bringing billions of Kenyan shillings each year while at the same time leaving imperialist economic agents to repatriate billions of profits abroad without interruption.

KESDEMO believes that justice delayed is justice denied. Today thousands of Kenyans are languishing in Kenyan prisons for minor offences, delayed cases and miscarriage of justice. Kamakil, the recently retired Police commissioner, was quoted in the media saying that 20% of Kenyans (majority of them poor) are in jail by mistake. It is known that rich sons and grandsons of land grabbers like Lord Delemare, Somaia, Pattni etc can easily buy their freedom after committing crimes. Although Pattni was the chief architect of the Goldenberg scandal, he is currently out of prison after Kibaki's government wasted millions of tax payer's money in a bogus Commission that has not yet delivered its final verdict.

For the umpteenth time, we repeat that Kibaki and his comprador bourgeoisie will never relinquish power voluntarily and must therefore be forced out of power. ODM must begin to call mass rallies across Kenya immediately because any delays will lead to an attempt by the disintegrating Kibaki dictatorship to try and regroup. ODM has the mass Movement on its side, the same mass Movement which contributed heavily to the defeat of Kibaki-Wako mongrel Constitution on November 21st. The postponement of ODM rally that was scheduled for Mombasa on 10th December because of "security reasons" is a bad omen because such postponements could lead the gang of robbers around Kibaki to believe that they can ban political rallies in Kenya.

KESDEMO disagrees with ODM's strategy of postponing the Mombasa rally together with calls by the Movement's leaders for "negotiations" with Kibaki on the composition of a new Cabinet. In politics, you don't negotiate with a loser who has been sharpening swords to cut off your own throat! By calling for talks with Kibaki, ODM is exposing its own leadership weaknesses because it should be taking initiatives linked to mass mobilizations to force Kibaki to call snap elections because this is the democratic road to Kibaki's overthrow.

Failure by ODM to take action on mass rallies (Ukrain, Rumania, Philipines or Yugoslavia style) will allow Kibaki's regime to consolidate his weak forces and crumbling support to continue clinging on to power. ODM should appeal to the Armed forces and police to remain in their barracks and let Kenyan people free themselves from Kibaki and a thieving Mafia cartel. They should appeal to the army not to repeat the mistakes of 1982 where the army was used by dictator moi to crush the freedom fighters.

KESDEMO believes that Kibaki (General Kiguoya) should not be allowed to finish his term. He must be overthrown democratically and since he has refused to accept a vote of no confidence (referendum) in his government, there is no alternative but to force him out of office. After losing the referendum, Kibaki's stay in power cannot be accepted or tolerated in any functioning democracy and Kenya is no exception.

Kenyans should also not listen to Church groups that have been supporting Kibaki or sitting on the fence. It must be remembered that many Church groups abandoned Kenyans at their hour of need by calling for "prayers and reconciliation" instead of calling for the defeat of the Kibaki-Wako draft and exit of the Kibaki dictatorship. After millions of prayers across Kenya for more than 40 years, millions of Kenyans are still starving and KESDEMO believes that Kenya will not be liberated from the Kibaki's or from imperialist domination through prayers.

The defeat of Kibaki at the referendum proves the resilience of Kenyans when it comes to resisting dictatorship, fascism and tribal hegemony in Kenya. In the same tradition, Kenyans are now ready to participate in the final removal of Dictator Kibaki and his sycophants from power. After the defeat of the government at the referendum, Kenyans are looking towards ODM for the next move. It is here that we say: "Let the mass rallies for snap general elections begin now rather than later".

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