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Fracking Capitalism 2nd edition

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Thanks, Russell, for pushing the door open

Corinna Lotz has just finished reading Revolution by Russell Brand and she’s written him a letter with her thoughts on the comedian’s new book.

Croydon Assembly
Croydon Assembly aims “for real change”

The inaugural Croydon Assembly heard chair Ted Knight say that working people would have to defend themselves against attacks on their living standards and services, whatever the result of next year’s election.

Malcolm Gerreyn
A long struggle for principles

Malcolm Gerreyn 1925-2014 A World to Win mourns the loss of our comrade Malcolm Gerreyn. Malcolm was a principled Marxist political thinker and activist for all of his long adult life.

Victory over the sun

The Bakhrushin State Central Theatre Museum is showing radical designs by the Russian Avant-Garde at the Victoria and Albert Museum.

Review by Peter Sturm

After Occupy
Battle for democracy IS the struggle against inequality

As millions around the world take to the streets to demand real democracy, Tom Malleson’s After Occupy: Economic Democracy for the 21st Century is timely, says Gerry Gold

Painting at the margins of possibility

Artist Robin Richmond defies anyone to see the National Gallery’s Rembrandt exhibition and emerge unchanged.

Occupy London
Occupy ends Parliament Square action

Occupy Democracy’s successful nine-day action in Parliament Square which defied police harassment and 40 arrests, ended yesterday with assemblies about solutions and strategy.

The Collapse of Western Civilization
A scientific guide to revolution

We can and must break the limits of current thinking, take action to change the course of history and so avoid a collapse says a futuristic book.
Review by Gerry Gold

Modernism caught on camera

The Barbican Centre, a monument to the dreams, achievements and discontents of 20th century Modernism, is the perfect place to tell the story about the relationship between photography and architecture.

A history of the world up to 1945

Although Anselm Kiefer alludes to many cultural references, it would be a mistake to just puzzle over them. His work is equally enjoyable on a purely physical level.
Review by Robbie Griffiths

World debt
Meltdown II heading for a town near you

A new report says that debt has actually grown in relation to the real economy since the 2007-8 financial crash, threatening another meltdown. Gerry Gold reports

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