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Demand release of Putin's political prisoners

Fracking Capitalism 2nd edition

Agreement of People website

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Stop the fast track to war!

The official reason for sending British warplanes to support the US bombing campaign in Iraq is as much of a fraud as the pretexts put forward for the illegal, disastrous Anglo-American 2003 invasion. Read more...

Despite ‘No’ vote, Scottish referendum advances struggle for real democracy

The momentum of Scotland’s independence movement, although thwarted on this occasion by an unholy ConDemLab alliance and its corporate-financial sponsors, has nevertheless driven the UK state into a profound constitutional crisis.

The Collapse of Western Civilization
A scientific guide to revolution

We can and must break the limits of current thinking, take action to change the course of history and so avoid a collapse says a futuristic book.
Review by Gerry Gold

A history of the world up to 1945

Although Anselm Kiefer alludes to many cultural references, it would be a mistake to just puzzle over them. His work is equally enjoyable on a purely physical level.
Review by Robbie Griffiths

Wigan Diggers
Act now to bring ConDems down

Wigan Diggers festival heard Labour MP John McDonnell call for next month’s strikes and TUC demonstration to be the start of a movement to bring the ConDem government down.

Representing Slavery
Profiting from the slave trade

The slave trade was instrumental in the development of capitalism, as the Martime Museum’s collection shows.

Stop the Russo-Ukraine war
Stop the Russo-Ukraine war

Statement by the Ukraine Solidarity Campaign (UK) calling for full solidarity with the Ukrainian labour movement, opposing those who would seek to divide workers to serve the vested interests of rival powers.

Frances Aviva Blane Head 22
Before, yesterday and now

Francis Bacon, Louise Bourgeois and Frances Aviva Blane – the psychological self as history and present.

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