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Scotland Yes No

Fracking Capitalism 2nd edition

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Eleanor Marx
Eleanor Marx’s revolutionary life and times

Eleanor Marx was a pioneer “new woman”. So much of what we take for granted today in terms of women’s rights and status was simply unimaginable in her day.

A ‘Yes’ vote in Scotland would be a blow to the British state

A disenchanted organiser has criticised the way the Radical Independence Campaign in Scotland has developed. Penny Cole in Glasgow takes up the issues raised.

Elinor Ostrom
A toolkit for the future

Derek Wall’s critical appreciation of the life and work of Elinor Ostrom is timely
says Gerry Gold.

When two opposite worlds collided

Peter Arkell reviews Wonderland, a new play about the miners’ strike.

Ilyenkov Dialectics of the Ideal
When Moscow viewed creative Marxism as heresy

A Soviet thinker's rediscovered work has a meaning for our times. Corinna Lotz reflects on a publishing landmark.

Jimmy's Hall
A revolt that inspires

Peter Arkell reviews Ken Loach’s new film, Jimmy’s Hall which pits ordinary people’s aspirations against the local landowners and priests.

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